We love that more people than ever are walking for their physical and mental health. Whether it's a lunch walk/screen break on a sidewalk around the neighborhood or a weekend walk on a trail further out (after all hiking is walking!). 

Walking is the perfect activity for slowing down, connecting with friends, connecting with nature, connecting with our kids on the way to school, and making the doggo happy. Best of all, it's literally right out the door and requires no special equipment. 

But ... a comfortable pair of shoes does make the activity much more enjoyable. And in warm weather, our shoe of choice is often an airy sandal. Since 2003, we've been making original hybrid sandals for those hybrid summer days that can take us from backyard to trail to jumping in a river. Still some of our hybrid sandals are geared more for walking on a trail (even though they can go everywhere) or walking to meet friends for lunch in the city. Here's some help picking out the right one for your spring and summer walks:

Want to go a little deeper? Here’s our sandal-by-sandal breakdown:

Whisper sandals: The OG hybrid walk-everywhere sandal for women. Seriously. Walk through a stream. Walk on a trail. Walk in the city. It's always been a one-sandal wonder for traveling and everyday summer life. A tried-and-true choice for adventurers and outside lovers. It features a rugged sole with arch support and narrow, quick-dry webbing with a quick-cinch bungee closure. It's our bestselling sandal for women every year.

Clearwater/CNX II: If you prefer more of a barefoot feel (without the danger of stepping on something sharp or stubbing your toes), these might be a great fit for you. Both sandals come in men's and women's sizing and feature our minimal CNX outsole with a contoured arch for support. Like the Whisper, these low-profile sandals feature quick-dry webbing and an adjustable bungee fit.

UNEEK: UNEEK brings more of a sneaker feel and a totally unique cord design. It's a packable, walkable shoe with off-kilter style that feels fashion-forward in all kinds of settings. The free-moving cords give it a flexible, personal fit, while the cushy support and razor-siped outsole make it a versatile shoe for any and all outings, especially when your walk takes you to a beach, boardwalk, or dock.

Whichever walking sandal you choose, you'll enjoy wind in your toes and the refreshing feeling of odor control that's free of pesticides. Ours uses natural probiotics — much better for feet and life on our planet. Grab a friend and get out there. It feels great!