KEEN offers a one year guarantee against manufacturing and material defects for items purchased from authorized KEEN resellers. Please note that our warranty coverage does have some limitations. For details, be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of our warranty policy.


We stand behind all KEEN products and guarantee them to be free from manufacturing defects for one year from the confirmed date of purchase. We ask that you please keep your sales receipt as verification of your purchase!

Below are some general guidelines of our warranty:

  • Approved warranty product is replaced at the discretion of KEEN
  • Warranty is only valid to purchases made from an authorized KEEN dealer
  • KEEN is not responsible for any cost, or damages, incurred due to loss of use of the product
  • Product worn past the point of it being able to be repaired voids warranty coverage
  • You will need to keep possession of your shoes until you receive confirmation from us that your warranty claim has been completed
  • Coverage ends when you transfer product
  • All KEEN warranty decisions are final.

Examples of what is not covered by warranty:

  • Frayed webbing, worn stitching and worn soles due to normal wear
  • Damage that is a result from misuse, normal wear and tear or damage occurred during storage
  • Broken or damaged laces, lace retention devices and worn soles
  • Product acquired from aftermarket sources such as online auction sites, liquidators, consignment shops, private sellers, salesman samples, promotional products and final sale discontinued product
  • Improper fit. Fit is the responsibility of the owner and should be assured before purchasing the product
  • Comfort issues
  • Any footwear which is more than 2 years after the manufacturing date
  • Products with labels removed
  • Items acquired from KEEN Footwear to satisfy previous warranty claims