Payment & Charges

KEEN Singapore accepts payment via major credit cards ( Visa and Mastercard ) and Paypal. KEEN Singapore has the right to amend the prices found in this website at any time available. This is to ensure that there is no errors made in maintaining accurate and correct pricing of our products. Should there be such situations of errors, you will be notified via email before your order is being delivered to you.

Fees of shipping has not been included in the product’s price shown on our website. Shipping fees will be included accordingly upon the size of your order as well as the country we’re shipping to. International deliveries of goods from KEEN Singapore may subject to duties and tax.

To any import duties and/or taxes. KEEN Singapore holds no responsibilities for any charges incurred from the custom/duties. Any additional charges for customs clearance are beyond our control. Information on custom policies can be found at your local customs office.

Orders will be accepted via email. As purchase orders are made on this website, you will be receiving the details of the order as well as the billing details once the payment is confirmed. Once the payment of your order is credited to us, the shipping of the products will proceed.

Terms and conditions of shipping/delivery applied.


Products sold are not refundable. There will be no exchange and/or refund for any products after the purchase is made (unless stated). When your purchase is completed on our website, you will receive the order confirmation and your receipt of purchase to the email address that you’ve registered with our website earlier. If you do not receive any follow-up emails from us, please do check your spam/junk folder. Should there be something wrong with your order or your payment, please do feel free to contact us through our support email if we fail to contact you in a separate email.

Lost & Damaged Goods

We will not be responsible for any lost/damaged orders caused by shipping.
However, if the there are damages/defects on the products being shipped to you caused from our warehouse. We will arrange exchange separately through email either via shipping or exchange through at our physical stores. Please do feel free to contact us through our support email if there are such situations.


Actually Pte Ltd operates the online store keenfootwear.com.sg from Singapore. KEEN Singapore respects any customer information and treats it as private and confidential information that we will never share. The obtained details will never be shared or discussed with any exterior affiliations or individuals. We will only collect information where it is necessary for us to do so and will only collect information if it’s relevant to our dealings with our customers. By visiting this website, you are accepting the terms described in this Privacy Notice. Other than that, KEEN Singapore will only share the necessary information to third parties relating to delivery/shipping of products. However, we will include you in our newsletters or any marketing purposes by using your contact information provided.

When you create an account with us, the personal information we will collect will include:

  1. Name
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