Name: Edmund (Right), /Queeny (Left)
(Founder/Co-Founder of Wildman Camping Club)
Industry: Outdoor/F&B

This episode takes us to Malaysia, where we met with the dynamic duo, Edmund and Queeny, the progenitor of Wildman Camping Club. Calling it “A space to chill for people of like minded”, a chocolate-box unit in the town of Petaling Jaya is a showcase space of Edmund’s love for the outdoors and where Queeny works her aqueous wizardry and palate bending pastries. (Winter Melon Cooler & Lemon Hai is a MUST try!)

The love for the outdoors took them to some of the most beautiful naturesque Malaysia has to offer. An escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, jungle canopy instead of blaring sun in cityscape, the nature symphony where KEEN was always an acquaintance of them, every time.

Let’s start a campfire and we’ll dive deep into how Wildman Camping Club came about and where their next camp stop will be!

“Among my city friends, none of them favors camping. So when they see my camping photos, they’d tell me that I looked like a wildman!” - Edmund

How did the Wildman Camping Club come about?

Ed - Having worked in the city for years wore me out and it kinda got me reminded of my days of camping around in my hometown. So I start to grab my camping gear and head into nature again. Photography is one of my liking so a shot of my camping trip is a must. Among my city friends,none of them favors camping. So when they saw my camping photos, they'd tell me that
I looked like a wildman! It was a eureka moment at that time so I started off a social media account named, you guessed it, “Wildman Camping Club” to share out my camping activities and things went cloud nine from thereon.

Queeny - Being an office girl to a mixology wizard was quite a turning page to say. What more camping! But being in the calmness of nature was a sense I never thought to enjoy before I met Edmund some moons ago. Since both of us share the same mutual love of outdoor and F&B, having our own space to express ourselves is really a step forward for WMCC.

What’s the idea behind this F&B/Showcase space that you guys run now?

When we started selling camping products post MCO last year, it was 100% online based. Since Queeny was not working at Zhongshan anymore, we thought why not we get a place for ourselves where Queeny can still practice her beverage and pastry concoction and we can also display all products and brands that we’re selling. Having our own camping theme cafe was always lingering at the back of our mind; so in a way, the space is like a dream come true.

Best seller? Recommendation?

Winter Melon Sour Cooler, Age Lemon Cooler, Premium Hojicha and Matcha are a must try! Usually those who’re first timers I’ll ask their preference for example, with milk or no milk. From there I’ll suggest those on the menu. *we make our own soda too*

With the pandemic and travelling restriction going on, how do you guys keep your creative mojo flowing?

Since people are restricted from dining in, it means we have more time on our hands to do extra things compared to when people are still allowed to dine in. Queeny gets to experiment new creations for her drinks and pastry and I can practice my graphic design again and more time to explore new gears, products and references on camping that I can share with our WMCC followers.

What is your take on sustainability practice?

We always practice to have zero waste for our foods and beverages. For example, by fermenting the lemon that we use for our Aged Lemon Hai, we get to use 100% of the lemon. Other than getting a great taste by it, no waste was produced. We also use glass straw for those who dine in. Products that we carry like bottles, cutleries, lunch boxes also promote sustainability; to reduce single use plastic. With where the world is going now, It’s really something that all of us should start to embrace.

How do you know about KEEN? What’s your fav model now?

I knew KEEN many years ago from one of GO OUT Magazine Japan. At that time KEEN was an alien in Malaysia. I like to wear something that people don't, so I got my first pair and it was Uneek. With the rise of Uneek now in Malaysia, my favourite pair now is Newport. Most people viewed Newport as an uncle sandal. It really depends on how you style it. If you style it wrong, you’ll be an uncle for a day!

What’s next for Wildman Camping Club?

We do have ideas in mind but for most times, we just go with the flow. We get friends spouting ideas of expansion for the space, etc. But hey, if the opportunity clicks with the ideas that we have in mind, why not?