Camping Shoes We Love

Camping Shoes We Love

It’s the time of year when we dust off our hiking boots, air out our sleeping bags, and do a dry run to make sure we still remember how to assemble the tent. That’s right: camping season!

Although every season is technically camping season if you’re tough enough (snow camping, anyone?), late spring to early fall is when most of us tend to hit the campgrounds. Some of us will backpack into a remote location, some will go car camping (or sleep in a van or RV), others will pick a site that’s nearby one of those cute little mountain towns. 

No matter what type of camping you’re into, the right gear makes all the difference. When you’re making that checklist of all the gear you’ll need for your camping adventure, don’t forget this essential item: camping shoes! In addition to a trusty pair of hiking boots, bring a pair of comfy slides for mornings and evenings spent at your campsite. Keep them outside your tent (or car) door, and you’ll be prepared for the less glamorous moments of the trip: campsite chores, bathroom jaunts, and all the little realities of life in the great outdoors. Here are our favorites and what makes them great for camping:


1. Yogui & Shanti Open-Air Clogs

WHY THEY’RE GREAT: Yogui and Shanti clogs are made of soft molded foam that’s lightweight, laid-back, and waterproof. (Shanti has a slightly more streamlined look.) Wear them in the shared showers at the campground or to wash dishes over at the community water spigot (if your campsite has those amenities). If you’re hiking into your campsite, you can easily clip them to the outside of your backpack with a carabiner. And if they’re muddy and dusty at the end of the trip, just rinse them with water or dunk them into whatever lake, river, or stream happens to be nearest. 

2. UNEEK Slides

KEEN UNEEK II Slide Sandals at the beach

WHY THEY'RE GREAT: When you’re camping near a mountain community, you’ll want to head into town to check out the local food carts or sample the local microbrew (or kombucha). That’s where UNEEK slides come in. These open-air slide sandals are comfy enough for strolling down Main Street and stylish enough that you won’t feel too scruffy once you’re relaxing at the local biergarten. The looped cord upper (made from recycled plastic bottles!) contours to your foot for a personalized fit (and a dose of unexpected style).

We go camping not just for the invigorating hikes, gorgeous waterfalls, and wildlife sightings, but for the stillness at dawn, joking around over the camp stove, and clinking cups with our crew at the end of the day. Make sure you bring the right shoes for what might end up being your favorite part of the trip.