Seeing folks out there living a life of originality and good vibes inspires us. We hope this upcoming stories, inspire you, too. 

Introducing KEEN ON YOU is a on-going series where we celebrate togetherness, originality, and taking action. It's inspired by the people who make us excited to come to work every day, our Fans, our Community. People who are fearlessly living original lives and inspiring others to do the same. 

At KEEN, We are ORIGINAL, FRIENDLY, FUN, FEARLESS, and QUIRKY. We are Action-ists who like to help other and have fun while doing it. KEEN is about getting outside and connecting with each other and the earth we live on. 

KEEN ON YOU stories that we will sharing in the upcoming months, is all-about bringing folks together. Not just people who look alike, or act alike, or think alike, but people who are truly different. It celebrates people who challenge stereotypes and embrace a life of diversity. It's to inspire others to live a life full of love and compassion. 

Celebrate the courage to it takes to be an original and empower people to showcase their diverse originality to the outside world. 



Syne Creates From The Past For The Future

Who: Ian Sam & Eshton Chua, Co-Founders of Syne Studio

How: Starting from multiple design disciplines, both of us eventually were working in fast fashion brands. We witnessed the vast amount of waste generated by the industry and felt a need to affect that in our own way, this led us to starting Syne Studio. We began by sourcing for discarded vintage kimonos that are one of the most sustainably made apparels, and also allow for us to have asian representation in the scene of outerwear, which we feel there is a lack of. Our eventual goal which we have begun on is to be the bridge for established brands to have a way into sustainability. We approach brands to collaborate with us, using the latent potential of their off season and damaged goods, we recreate these into desirable items. Allowing us to salvage materials from things that are traditionally thrown away, and to reduce waste in our own way. 

Why Zerraport: The quick dry lining of the Zerraport is perfect for the Singapore weather. At the same time, the versatility of its styling allows us to easily match it up with multiple outfits, throw on a pair of socks and the whole aesthetic of it changes. Not to mention, it's comfortable. KEEN's focus on sustainability lets us wear these loud and proud, being in line with our values of creating with conscience.