KEEN ON YOU - Father's Day Featuring @mocopops

KEEN ON YOU - Father's Day Featuring @mocopops


Who: Jonathan Fong, father to Gemma, 5, and Damon, 9.  I co-founded sneaker and streetwear convention Sole Superior with my partner Dexter Tan in 2013 and support music artists with Sweetness Follows Records.

How: I’m fortunate that my kids take to the type of activities that I enjoy and introduce to them. We spend a lot of time going for walks and immersing ourselves in nature at the reservoir close to where we live, taking the time to appreciate and respect the insects, reptiles and  surrounding wildlife. We’re also fortunate to have a lovely range of playgrounds near our home for a great variety of fun and outdoor play.

My wife and I both enjoy music and the arts and our activities away from home include going for gigs and concerts at venues like the Esplanade, visits to museums like the National Gallery and spaces like the Artground at Goodman Arts Center. It’s truly awesome to have many free venues, spaces and programmes in Singapore that are designed with children in mind, allowing for parents and kids to discover and enjoy new experiences.

Why Newport: The Newport is the perfect combination of safety and comfort in a sandal! The rubber bumper keeps your toes safe and the shoes provide excellent traction across all sorts of surfaces and terrain and in any conditions. It’s Damon’s first choice when he gets to decide what footwear to rock for the day and the comfort really shows when there are no complaints from a full day of wear.

There’s also a nice versatility in being able to pair it with pants or shorts, plus the added option to go with socks or sockless. As the guy who wears only sneakers by default, the KEEN Newports and UNEEKS are a highly welcome exception in my rotation.

Message to all fathers out there: 

No one truly has it figured out, so don't stress fatherhood! Keep being your authentic true self, do stuff that you enjoy with your kids. Be open to listening and learning from them and spend as much quality time together.