KEEN ON YOU - International Women's Day Featuring @Nadinejasmine

KEEN ON YOU - International Women's Day Featuring @Nadinejasmine



Who: I am Nadine Jasmine,a true cancer- compassionate, often sweet and a lover of colours. I find joy in processes whether it is big or small. I am the brain behind Oh Sebenar, a contemporary fashion brand here in Kuala Lumpur. 

How: I come from a family of women. I have 6 sisters! So you can already gauge the drama when it comes to sharing clothes- so why not make my own! And the rest is history.

The idea behind my Oh Sebenar: I believe fashion is a medium to communicate my ideas to the world. With no compromise on curves or quality, Oh Sebenar is paving a new way for the modern Malaysian woman to shop. We focus on the unseen diverse consumer and designing with them in mind, more women in all shapes and sizes have a boosted confidence.

Why UNEEK: Though it looks as though I live a pretty much city life, I come from a pretty adventurous family. Keen has been our ultimate everyday go-tos! UNEEK would be my favourite because it really matches with everything.

Message to all Womens out there: Something my parents always remind me: - No one can take your creativity, skill and talent. Celebrate small wins too!