Life’s too short to stop and change into different shoes. That’s the philosophy that guides us to create designs that can go from one activity to the next without the transition time. Get a pair of multi-activity shoes for summer, and you’ll be set up for maximizing your road-tripping, paddling, camp-cooking, kid-chasing time outdoors, while keeping your gear bag as light as possible.

Once you figure out what you need your shoes to do, it’s easy to settle on the perfect pair. Every KEEN shoe is a great walking shoe. (It’s gotta be!) But what else do they do well?

 Sandals Biking Hiking Water
Newport H2 x x x
Clearwater x x
Whisper x x x
Zerraport II x

 Most of them are also great water and biking sandals (or cycling sandals) catering to a wide range of outdoor activities!

Newport H2 Sandals: The first Newport sandal was invented for sailing. The Newport H2 sandal is the water-friendly version made for diving in. This in-and-out-of-the-water shoe really can be your one-and-done pair for summer. They’re up to the challenge of hikes big and small, as well as bike rides, camping trips, and every form of water adventure known to (wo)man. You can even mow the lawn in them (and then throw them in the washing machine after). Yeah, they’re our bestseller for a reason. Shop women’s and men’s Newport H2 water shoes here.

Clearwater and Whisper: features that offer foot support and protection become more important. Think about how much you’ll push against foot braces or wedge your foot into the side of the raft for leverage. A snug-fitting sandal, like the Clearwater sandal for women and men, is a good rafting choice that will stay on your feet in wild waters and technical maneuvering. If you capsize, the last thing you want to look for is a lost shoe. And, with rafting or portaging while kayaking, you also need to consider the underwater terrain. The Clearwater and Whisper sandals are good overall choices, with good ground feel for finding your footing.

Zerraport II: The sandals come with a functional open-air construction that’s been pared down to encompass only the most essential features. It comes with quick-dry adjustable webbing, a durable anti-friction toecap and an outsole that’s been optimized for tough terrains — a multi-directional lug pattern engineered for maximum traction, suitable for your everyday adventure.

UNEEKWhen it comes to sandals, you want something that stands out. You don’t like to be defined or boxed in, and your sandal choice is a reflection of that attitude. With an innovative, free-moving two-cord design and lightweight midsole, the women’s and men’s UNEEK sandals are as comfortable as they are good-looking. But don’t just take our word for it, they might look a little weird at first, but they look good with nearly anything. Extremely comfortable from right out of the box, and they've only gotten better with wear.

This summer, let the current set the pace through meandering rivers and flowing creeks. A good pair of water shoes will help you navigate everything from slippery boulders to spiky seagrass, and make it back to shore (or your backyard) at the end of the day.