Traditional hiking boots offer comfort and protection, but they tend to be heavy. Lighter running shoes don’t keep your feet protected on trails. We created NXIS to be fast, light, and provide protection. 

The KEEN NXIS Collection: Our Lightest Hiking Sneakers to Date

We grab our NXIS hiking sneakers when we want to move swiftly, cover more terrain, and see more good stuff: more sunrise views at the overlook and more high fives at the summit. Meet the collection.

Whether we’re scurrying up a slope to catch a sunset view or we’re mudsliding our way back to the tea thermos in the car, we have the NXIS hiking sneakers on our feet. These lightweight shoes are made for when we want to move swiftly, cover varied terrain, and make more trail memories. Because hiking fast isn't really about clocking your best time or bragging to your friends (though we totally support you there), it’s about experiencing more goodness. More alpine lakes, more craggy peaks, and more wildflowers. More smiles, more victory snacks, more unexpected patches of wild blueberries, more… okay, you get the point. Go fast. See more. The NXIS collection makes it easy.


Oh, the hiking shoe conundrum. Your trail runners feel light and free, but they don’t protect your feet on rugged trails. Your hiking boots hold up to the roughest terrain, but they turn steep climbs into long slogs. Carry two pairs of shoes? No one has the backpack space for that. Lightweight and protective, NXIS are hiking shoes with a running shoe feel. Conundrum solved.

A totally related tangent: Do you know about our Targhee boots? They’ve been a KEEN classic since 2005, and we’ve made, like, 4 million pairs of them. Well, the NXIS collection is actually based on that beloved design. It’s everything KEEN fans love about Targhee, but faster and lighter.


They’re light, they’re fast, they’re stable, and they can handle any terrain — from asphalt to trail to rock to stone steps. Whether you're desert exploring, alpine climbing, or city hiking, the swift-and-nimble NXIS feeling comes from a few key ingredients. Let’s get acquainted: 

  • Comfort fit. It wouldn’t be a KEEN hiking shoe without our famous fit. It holds your heel firmly in place while giving your toes the space they need to stretch out.
  • All-terrain tread. Deep lugs offer extra grip on any trail surface. Yep, we mean slippery roots, wooden bridges, and boulder fields. All the surfaces.
  • Toe protection. Move fast with confidence, not stubbed toes. The split toe cap strikes the perfect balance between protection and feel.
  • Lightweight mesh. Breathable mesh helps make NXIS our lightest hiking collection yet.
  • Stay-dry design. A breathable KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane keeps out water. (An exception is the NXIS Speed. This super-light shoe is the only design without KEEN.DRY.)


KEENers wear NXIS hiking sneakers wherever adventure takes them. Out in the backcountry, you might see them splashing through puddles, hopping across boulder fields, or sliding through scree. Closer to home, they can be found on daily commutes, city hikes, and even disc golfing. Because post-hike grub is definitely part of the adventure, they’re great for just hanging out too.  


NXIS EVO Mid WP: If you combined your favorite hiking boots with your favorite trail runners, you’d get the NXIS EVO Mid. Stable and lightweight, these hiking sneakers are down to do anything — and fast. Push for a 14,000-foot summit? Slog through mud on the Florida Trail? Yes and yes! Oh, and they also have a breathable, waterproof membrane. That means you’re ready for every adventure, all terrain, and all weather. What are you waiting for?

NXIS EVO WP: Want all the same benefits of the EVO MID, but with even more freedom to scramble up a pass like a mountain goat? The NXIS EVO is here for it. It has the same stretch-your-toes comfort, waterproof protection, and all-terrain tread, but in a low-cut design made for moving fast(er). If you feel like you can skip the ankle support, give these ones a try.