Part 1 - Exploring Singapore’s Wild Side

Part 1 - Exploring Singapore’s Wild Side

Travel restrictions have gotten us all stuck and restless in Singapore. You’ve toured the whole of Jewel, and visited Gardens by the Bay enough times to commit its layout to memory. Now what? Turns out, our little island has its own hidden gems -- adventure sites you won’t find anywhere else in the world! 

  • Think sprawling stone ruins overgrown with vines.
  • Think underground tunnels, abandoned WWII structures and secret reservoirs.
  • Think urban exploration meets tropical jungle – a 100% uniquely Singapore experience.

      So get your trekking gear and mask up, as we take you to an adventurous trek through Sentosa, exploring the lesser-known Fort Serapong. Proudly brought to you by the team from Beyond Expedition:

        1. Serapong Ruins
        2. Serapong Casemate


          Serapong Ruins

          Getting there:

            1. Take the monorail from Sentosa Station at Vivo City and alight at Beach Station.
            2. Take Sentosa Bus 3 at the bus depot and alight at the “Sentosa Cove Village” stop.
            3. Walk upwards along Cove Ave and into Woolwich Road.
            4. Walk towards the sign that says “Serapong Hill Road” and make your way up the road. You’ll see the Serapong Ruins on your left.


          Fort Serapong refers to the whole network of military buildings, underground bunkers and tunnels on Mount Serapong in Sentosa. Together with other forts in Sentosa, it was built by the British between the 1870s and 1890s. Armed with giant naval guns, the forts protected our bustling port from pirates and other enemies in the south seas. When the Japanese invaded from the north in 1942, the naval guns were turned inland. For three days they fired uselessly, before ammunition ran out. Then they were destroyed so they wouldn’t fall into enemy hands.

          Tip 1: Download the app MAPS.ME and use it to navigate (instead of Google Maps!) It’s more detailed and reliable.

          Tip 2: Wear shoes with good grip as the ground is both muddy and slippery. If you decide to wear trekking sandals, wear socks. Jungle ants are ferocious!

          Serapong Casemates

          Getting there:

          1. Exit the Serapong Ruins and continue upwards on the road.
          2. Avoid the fenced-up utilities area and walk onto the grass on your left.
          3. Follow the trail into the jungle until you see the Casemates ahead.

            Venture further down the trail and you’ll find a gigantic two-storey structure built into the side of the hill. The Serapong Casemates are rooms with openings from which guns or missiles were fired. Its passageways lead into the heart of the hill, and there is even a hidden underground reservoir.

            Tip 3: The trail to the Casemates has some awesome panoramic views of Singapore’s port — look out for them!

            Tip 4: Bring powerful flashlights for safety. It’s pitch dark in some areas. If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable flashlight, we’ve used Nitecore Lights for years.

            Tip 5: Apply mosquito repellent, or bring along a Thermacell. This place is a mosquito haven.

            Mens Clearwater CNX - Black/Gargoyle

            Tanjong Beach

            Getting there:

            1. Trek back to where you started, at “Serapong Hill Road”.
            2. You can trek or walk a distance and take a bus to Tanjong Beach.

              It’s time to head to the beach, for an afternoon cuppa while listening to gently lapping waves. Even though we can’t travel right now, the spirit of adventure lies within us. We don’t need to travel far to keep the fire alive. There’s so much to discover in Singapore, if we just go outside.

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